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Riding a bike and living a life have one big difference, you live through your life for its experience and not for reaching a target; you bike to reach a target and it is not all about the experience. However, this ride removes that big difference, because I ride for both the experience of seeing the kids and their families and all the people who are willing to help and reaching my target to raise awareness and raise money. That is indeed awesome.

Riding a bike and living life have one thing in common. Forget all the suffering and pain you have been through today and leave that behind you. Bad memories won’t let you get on your bike or go on with your life. Forget the pain, focus on good memories, and stay positive through your ride…

Wednesday – September 7th – Day 1

Up at 5am. Had a quick breakfast and get into my gears for 6:30am. We were going to White Rock to start the ride from there. All the riders got into RVs and Trucks were carrying our bikes….


Friday – September 9th – Day 3 – Lake Loiuse to Medicine Hat

Night at Lake Louise was unbelievably cold. It was freezing there. I woke after 4am and I couldn’t go back to bed after that. I had everything on that night but it didn’t quite work for me. Our…


Saturday – September 10th – Day 4 – Medicine Hat to Regina

Had a very good sleep. Woke up at 6 am. At Sears store they have done their best and prepared a very good breakfast for the crew. We all get touched by all these awesome people who care so much about the cause. We left at 7am in RV and going from Medicine Hat to Parkbeg to start our ride…


Tuesday – September 13th – Day 7 – Kashabowie to Thunder Bay

We had a cold night at Atikokan. I had to use another thick blanket to save myself from cold weather. It was a beautiful morning, a little bit cloudy and chilly. After having breakfast in Atikokan, we got into RV and drove to the start point…


Wednesday – September 14th – Day 8

Woke up in a cold weather in Thunder Bay. It was 3c degree in the morning. Had breakfast in Sears Store and got ready for a ride to Terry Fox Memorial Park. We started the ride at 7 am in a cloudy and very cold weather. 20km, 30 minutes ride to the Terry Fox Memorial…


Thursday – September 15th – Day 9 – Sault Ste Marie to Spanish

Woke up in a cold and rainy day in Sault Ste Marie. Had breakfast at Sears and geared up for 193km ride for the day. Bill and Patty, two of our relay riders, joined us for today ride. We rode today for the brother of the kid we met the other day in the school…

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