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I am extremely happy that you are now holding another copy of Parnian Magazine. It seems that, with all its’ shortfalls, the first issue of Parnian has been well received by the Iranian community in Canada. We received invaluable input from our compatriots, whom for the most part praised Parnian. In their messages, many of our friends pointed out both to our strengths and flaws, which we sincerely welcomed. Moreover, the positive feedback that we received from a portion of the Iranian publishing community in Montreal made us very pleased and encouraged. We are grateful and humbled and wish that we could all be so graceful toward our rivals.
We did not receive any direct criticism, just rumors of disapproval which we do not intend to take seriously. Obviously, criticism shows the high level of expectation that the Iranian community has of publications and as such they require that a new magazine becomes better after each issue. This, of course, puts the onus on the staff at Parnian to constantly strive to raise the quality of the magazine.
Parnian is always ready to hear your criticism and suggestions and is also prepared to collaborate with all interested persons of letters.
Ali Mokhtari
October 2011

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