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هنر و سرگرمی — 04 اکتبر 2012

About The Hunger Games

Majid Bastami


When reading the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy, I was reminded of the memorable trilogy by the late John Christopher (Christopher Samuel Youd), titled “Tripods”. The story of the Hunger Games has undeniable similarities to that of the second part of the trilogy, entitled “The City of Gold and Lead”. In both stories, the plot revolves around the idea of competition among teenagers to enter the land of the lords. Both stories also focus on the media and what effects it could have on an audience. Christopher’s story however, shows how the media conquer peoples’ minds and prevent them from thinking about battles and uprisings. In contrast, in Mrs. Collins’s story, the media leads people who are commonly drowned in poverty and hunger, to continue acting as slaves and to imitate the ultimately successful and rich hero, thus slowly taking out the little tendency in them to riot. But the people are not always tame slaves and sometimes do the opposite; here the unconventional behavior of Katniss and Peeta changes everything!

The story of the Hunger Games however, does not remain in the same old fashioned format. In all essence, it is evidently a very modern story. During a few interviews, the author pointed out how the effect of various things, such as gladiator battles, played roles in the development of the story. Here we can easily see how a new form of this old barbaric battle has been effectively incorporated with contemporary elements such as reality TV shows. In fact, the story was intricate enough to include other 21st century touches, as seen through modern day selection procedures as well as the advertising of popular contest series such as “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance”. Emphasis was placed on how media lords are in fact reproducing the same approach as in the ancient days, in order to make the upper class happy and content while keeping the lower class in the dark as fools. This was well depicted through contests in which teenagers had to compete with each other to the ultimate level in order to please and entertain the audience and to attract the attention of sponsors.



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