' It happened overnight | پرنیان
مالی و اقتصادی — 04 اکتبر 2012

Ensieh Ghafourian / Majid Bastami


A report about the events relating to the closure of the Canadian embassy’s visa office in Tehran.

The news came as a shock: “The visa office of the Canadian embassy in Tehran closes in order to cut expenses.” The simple explanations from the embassy and the immigration office, which were later frequently repeated by the minister and his colleagues, were so contradictory to the evident matters and the required preliminaries of such a decision, which could have had only one conclusion: abundant chaos and lack of prophetic management in making this decision.

Subsequent follow-ups and evident and abundant contradictions in what the people responding to the protesting questions by the Iranian society said strengthened the assumption that no groups, people, or associations related to Iranians, and even the members of the embassy in Tehran, had been consulted. To add to that, it is evident that the extent of a consultation about such an important decision, which will have a long and direct effect on the lives of the members of one of the main suppliers of immigrants to Canada, did not go beyond the walls of the minister’s office.

Maybe the only advantage of this event for the Iranian community in Canada is that they finally have a common problem about which they can protest! But the question still remains: are the members of this community mentally and behaviorally ready to take place in a joint effort based on their common interests? Only the future will show.



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